Design and materials

A brand built in twenty years with passion, out of dreams then materialized in spectacular creations reminiscent of the “glamor” of the old royal courts could not have strengthen its exclusive image without making the most of  its precious fabrics  value which in fact have enshrined it. Echoes of collections signed by Andree Salon house are found in the story of each and every wedding dress and of a woman wearing it making her dream come true.

The subtle touch of French lace, the thorough and unique embroidery, the extravagance of a large troll chosen as a symbol of a bygone era and yet so current … these are just three of the attributes that define the picture perfect dress that reveals the secret. For every creator of beauty has his own secret… beyond any diaphanous or magnificent fabrics, beyond any attention to every aesthetic detail…

In the case of Andree Salon brand, the secret lies in the relentless pursuit to come up with new sources of inspiration, to succeed that each dress be unique, special, different than the others … Andree Salon huse designers, by each creation of their hands, accept the challenge and turn the process of a wedding dress conception into art.